Traditional Representation:

Law Offices of Pamela Marraccini is a full service law firm.  We represent clients at all stages of their case.  When retained, we represent the client throughout the litigation on all issues in the case from pre-filing strategies to post-judgment enforcement actions. 


Consultations are when a client seeks the advice of a lawyer without having retained them to represent the client in the case.  Many people contemplating or in the process of divorce seek consultations with family law attorneys to educate themselves about their rights, assist them in completing paperwork, or help prepare them for custody mediation.  Ms. Marraccini charges for consultations at her hourly rate.  Clients are only charged for the time they spend with the attorney.

Limited Scope Representation:

Some family law clients have multiple issues pending at one time.  California allows for lawyers to represent family law litigants on a “Limited Scope” representation.  Under a Limited Scope Representation, we represent clients on one issue, such as custody or spousal support, but not on the remainder of their case.  This allows clients the ability to financially manage their divorce and custody issues while still having access to legal counsel and an attorney advocating their position in court on those issues where they need help.